Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Thursday, July 22, 2010

day 9 and Final Tally

We got back late yesterday afternoon, and I went to my church's camp meeting in the evening, so it is Thursday morning and I am finishing up our blog. Yesterday we didn't see anything that interested us to stop for, so we made the 5 hour trip home from Holly Springs, Mississippi. Along the way we stopped 3 times to help cars stopped on the side of the highway. All 3 were very appreciative that we stopped, but told us that they would be OK and to go on. One guy, in a shirt and tie said that he was just collecting 5 smooth stones - was he a pastor on his way to a sermon?

As the picture shows, when we got back I paid up for bets lost to Pee Wee.

Just like last summer we learned a lot about our country and had a great time. Trying to good deeds and carrying out a lot of them really adds to a trip like this.

Good Deeds Performed during Coach and Pee Wee’s Great Adventure

1. Day 1: Helped “homeless” person in Nashville.
2. Day 2: Took over for clumsy lifeguard in French Lick, Indiana.
3. Day 3: Gave blackberries to highway workers in Indiana.
4. Day 3: Donated CDs to Christian Charity Goods Store in Worthington, Indiana.
5. Day 3: Took lost woman to her husband at a hotel 15 miles out of our way near Pekin, Illinois.
6. Day 4: Helped a family at the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa.
7. Day 5: Pee Wee scattered burros away from a car in Custer National Park in South Dakota – kids were upset.
8. Day 5: Brought back a coconut cream pie dessert for a very kind hotel manager in Alliance, Nebraska.
9. Day 6: Cleaned room and bathroom for hotel maids in Alliance, Nebraska before we left.
10. Day 7: Pruned shrubbery away from a historical marker in northern Kansas.
11. Day 7: Brought back an extra waffle for unhappy looking hotel manager. She smiled big time.
12. Day 8: Removed large truck tire tread from middle of state highway in northern Arkansas.
13. Day 8: Changed tire for pregnant woman near Trumann, Arkansas.
14. Day 9: Stopped three different times for three different cars on the side of the highway. All 3 thanked us for stopping but said that they would be OK. We’re adding all three of those together to make one. (We make the rules). One man in a tie said he was just collecting 5 smooth stones – was he on his way to a sermon???

So … our final tally is 14 good deeds. Thank you to those people who are able to donate to Family Promise. Any amount that you can give per good deed would be appreciated. The link to Family Promise is below. Once you get to the Family Promise website, you will see how you can donate. Thank you to everyone who followed our updates and prayed for us.
Coach and Pee Wee

Link to Family Promise:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure. I donated for 15 good deeds yesterday, so I guess the one extra was for good measure.

Grace & peace....