Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day 7 - Saturday, July 5

The fireworks last night were real good for a while ... then some kind of technical difficulty occurred and it ended early. The thousands of people at the show on Lake Superior didn't get irate or even that upset. I guess Yoopers are a pretty patient people.
We started the morning off with a repeat good deed from another year. We stripped all the sheets in our hotel room and gathered all the towels and put them in a pile. Then we emptied the trash and took all the trash out. Next we emptied all of our loose change and placed it on the TV stand next to a good deed doers card. We hope the cleaning people appreciated a little less work from our room.
By 10:00 a.m. Central Time we were in Green Bay at Lambeau Field for a one hour stadium tour. We all loved it - we even got to walk out of the players' tunnel accompanied by the same music the players hear.
The next stop was what makes this trip so special sometimes. We stopped at Simon's Specialty Cheese Store in Kaukauna, Wisconsin because when in Wisconsin one must do something with cheese. Pee Wee had been in Wisconsin once as a child but none of us other three had ever been here. We stayed over an hour and before we had left I think we can say that we represented Georgia well. All the ladies giving free samples were nice and seemed to generally like the Georgia boys. It seemed like it was a good deed - we feel like we brought some good will and cheer to the workers and other customers. We had never met any of them before, but before we left we were all laughing together, trading numbers, taking photos, showing our good deed cards, etc. Several people we met heard about our journey and then eagerly gave us suggestions for things to do in Wisconsin. We tried way more than our fair share of free samples and the patient ladies kept providing. Cheddar, gouda, 7 year cheddar, spreads, pickled mushrooms, cheese fudge, caramel candy, more cheese, and more cheese - all this after a lunch at Moe's. None of us are feeling that great, but the visit was one of the best. This country is full of nice people and we found a bunch of them today at a cheese store in Wisconsin. This is why I started this journey six years ago with Pee Wee - visit places off the beaten path and meet strangers who don't stay strangers for long. Jan, Rob, Kittie Kat, and Ed certainly aren't strangers anymore.
We're staying in Milwaukee tonight - we made The Turn earlier today. The Turn is the point where we're headed back in the direction of Georgia. This trip has been as great as always but home always sounds great too. The selfie taken with Jimmy's long arm was taken at The Turn. I think you can figure out the others. Say Cheese!

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Jim Gassman said...

Visit House on the Rock. Southern Wisconsin. One of a kind.