Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 4, Tuesday, June 30

I started the day off by accidentally dropping my Icy Hot Tube in my suitcase. I guess it landed on my skibbies because I had to make a frantic trip back to my room from the continental breakfast for a quick change.

We drove an hour and a half to Dayton for a 3 and a half hour tour of the U. S. Air Force Museum. On a scale of ten this was a 10. Barry knows his war planes better than most tour guides do so I learned a lot. One plane we saw was the "Bockscar" - the plane that dropped the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki. The plane I'm standing next to in the photo is a P-39, which is the exact model my dad flew in WWII. He was stationed in the Gilbert Islands at Makin Island during parts of 1943. The photo I'm standing next to is a bunch of P-39s on Makin Island in 1943. Wow ... that could very well have been his squadron and one of those might have been his plane.

Then we drove to Union City, Indiana for a tour of a chocolate factory and some free samples. We struck out big time. The place was open but they were giving no tours, and more importantly - no free samples. On a random travel trip such as this sometimes you strike out. We licked our wounds and bought a few small pieces of chocolate and ate them before we even got in the car.

Then some wandering on very back roads through Indiana. We enjoy that part - looking and stopping in small towns here and there to meet a few people and look at how others live in our country. We ended up in Kokomo, Indiana where we're spending the night. Before we called it a day we went to Highlands Park in order to view two well preserved giants. One was Old Ben - a bull, rather a steer who died in 1910 with a weight close to 5000 pounds. It looked more like a monster instead of something in the bovine family. You can see Barry photo bombing that photo. The other giant was Sycamore Stump. This section of a gigantic sycamore tree has also been preserved for more than 100 years and to me looked even larger than the Giant Redwoods I've seen. Eight feet in diameter and a circumference of 57 feet! We like these "Largest Ball of Twine" places.

We ended up the day at Buffaloes Wild Wings in Kokomo so that we could watch most of our USA women's victory over Germany. They forgot our order for an hour so we ended up getting a free meal. So a victory for us too. Old Ben would have been proud of how much we ate.

And the first person to answer both of these questions gets one million dollars in Greek currency: What is the difference between a steer and a bull? And give us some lyrics and the the group who sang about the place where we are staying.

We have done a couple good deeds here and there - yesterday replacing some American flags at an old cemetery being one of them. No bull.


Kara Ramos said...

You're getting to be quite a pro at selfies

Anonymous said...

Bermuda Jamaica oh i want to take ya.

Steer has no berries
Bull still has his berries


Steve West said...

Beach Boys...Aruba, Jamaica ooo I wanna take you....This is a fun song!

A steer has been castrated. No bull! haha

Mary Gillespie said...

Any USA Women's Soccer fans in Kokomo? Love Cliff's narrative and all the pictures :) Waiting for reports of good deeds!!!!!

Danny said...

Icy Hot - hilarious!!!