Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 6, Thursday, July 2

Very good day today. First crossed the Mighty Mississippi, the Old Man, Deep River, and stopped in LeClaire, Iowa. The main street runs right along the river and is the home of the Pickers from TV's history channel. We didn't buy anything but had a good time there along with many other tourists. Then after Barry dipped his hand in the Mississippi we went to the Mississippi River Distilling Company for a tour and free samples. So twice now we have toured moonshine making places and sipped on 100 proof alcohol. That's twice as much of the stuff I've sipped in my lifetime. Today's favorite was 100% corn whiskey. They have enough corn around here for millions of years of this whiskey made from corn. I may have to detox when I get back...

All we saw was corn for the next two hours until we pulled into the Field of Dreams. In my seven years of these journeys, today was the first day I've duplicated a stop. And I'm glad I did. Many people get emotional at the field where "people will come," and we were two of them. I think Barry wasn't sure how much he would like it, but he was overwhelmed. It's hard to explain unless you've been here. It's a perfect setting; kids playing on the field with their parents, middle aged men and women walking into the heavenly outfield, etc. Everything is the same as the movie, and one's own personal childhood memories shape how you interact with field and its surroundings. This should be a required bucket list stop for anyone who has enjoyed the film or even just likes baseball.

Then we stopped a few miles away in Dyersville to visit the St. Francis Xavier Basilica. This beautiful Catholic church is an amazing sight in such a small town. It's just one more site where you have to be there to appreciate it.

Then we pulled over in a nameless Iowa town for a quick snack at a bar and grill. Before we left we had become good friends with Marcia - the bartender, and Rick - a regular patron. Rick does a great impression of Earnest T. Bass from Mayberry and kind  Marcia actually invited us to spend the night with her and her husband.

But we needed to move on and are spending the night near the University of Iowa in Iowa City. We need to come up with a plan for tomorrow because we have none. I do know this - we made THE TURN today - after the Basilica in Dyersville. That means we're traveling now in the general direction of home. And no more distilleries ... I hope.


Anonymous said...

Did you see Governor Mike Huckabee he was at the field of dreams today also? Btw I think I would enjoy traveling with Barry.


Danny said...

If you build it........sounds like you guys are having a great time! Watch those distilleries Yooper..... you may stumble into a corn field and have a hard time finding your way out.

numpdog said...

You visited the church in the right order after drinking the moonshine.
I can't wait to hear where you spend your 4th of July.