Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Monday, July 4, 2016

Day 3, Monday, July 4

As I said yesterday, Monday and July 4 meant not much was open, but because we tend to stay off the interstate, we find our own type of entertainment.

They say everything's bigger in Texas - it's faster too. Two lane highways in Georgia normally have a speed limit of 55, here they are often 75. And the small town squares and downtown areas - the road widths are gigantic compared to what we're used to.

Some things we bumped into today:

1. A roadside stand to get some elk jerky from an old couple. The wife looked at us for ten minutes and never spoke a word. The old man breathed with an oxygen tank, told us to stay away from Austin because of the damn hippies, and had flies constantly flying around him and nobody else. Pee Wee said he was already decomposing.

2. Bubba's Restaurant to get a small lunch until we discovered it was actually a strip joint.

3. Cut And Shoot, Texas and the Cut And Shoot Cowboy Church. "Cut And Shoot" is the actual name of the town. We couldn't get in the Cut And Shoot Cowboy church, but looked in the window and saw around 30 folding chairs and a saddle placed on a podium to serve as the altar. God doesn't care how or where you meet as long as you meet.

4. A living history farm at Washington on the Brazos State Park. We talked with several of the workers dressed up as if they were living on the 1850s farm and toured all the farm buildings. They had games and competitions for July 4th festivities. Pee Wee beat me in the egg on the spoon race but he cheated. He gave me a spoon half the size of his. He also did our only good deed of the day there. Two kids were wanting to do a hoop race, but had to have a third person. So Pee Wee joined in with them. I was afraid he was going to blow them away, but he pulled back and let them win.

5. We passed through Johnson City, Texas and ended up in Fredericksburg - both homes of President Lyndon Johnson.

6. In Fredericksburg we ended the day with Texas' third largest fireworks display. While there we actually met a man who grew up in ... Cut And Shoot.

7. And the last thing we bumped into I will have nothing to say about, other than it is the last photo below. We'll end Day 3 on that note.



Barry said...

The Fat Ass Ranch sounds like Americas version of Mecca.

Jim Gassman said...

You could do your whole trip in Texas. Yall ought to head down to these places...

Cliff & Steve said...

Thanks Jim - Cliff and Pee Wee

kathy said...

Glad you didn't have lunch at Bubba's

Trev said...

Between Pee Wee’s sardine breath and the catalytic converter, I imagine the car smells great.

Taylor Ramos said...

Looks like Pee Wee's competition in the hula hoop contest was legit

Eagle Admin said...

The old guy at the elk jerky stand sounds like that old dude in Napoleon Dynamite (chicken house guy)

Cliff & Steve said...

Danny - we actually talked about that. And the wife was a spitting image for Napoleon Dynamite's grandmother. Cliff and Pee Wee