Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Monday, June 30, 2014

Day Two, June 30

Chris Alston wins the t-shirt with his answer of a calf weaner. Some people may cry foul - he's married to a vet, but I say he wins. The quiz question for the day: what is the crop Jimmy is looking at?

By 10:00 a.m. we were in Lexington, Kentucky - home of famous horses and horse farms. One of the famous horses is immortalized with street names and such - you'll see a photo. While in Lexington we played 18 holes of Mini Bible Golf. They have three courses - Old Testament, New Testament, and Miracles. We played the Old Testament course - total score of Pee Wee and Danny vs. Jimmy and me. They should have played the Miracle course because Danny and Pee Wee would have needed one to beat us. But they did beat us on table hockey afterwards.
Then we kind of floundered in our travels. We tried Ashland and the Henry Clay Estate - closed on Mondays. Then to the Daniel Boone Station historic site. Closed Sundays and Mondays. Then lunch in Lexington where Pee Wee lost his keys (Danny found them in the restaurant after about 20 minutes of searching).
But finally we struck it rich at the Cane Ridge Meeting House. The famous preacher Barton Stone founded the church in the late 1790s - it branched off a few times to the Christian Church and then the Church of Christ. The meeting house was famous for the Cane Ridge Revival in 1801 where close to 20,000 Kentuckians attended which served as a springboard for the Christian church.
Betty was our tour guide - a lovely lady in her eighties who loves this blue grass area of Kentucky.
Betty made one mistake though - she left the four of us alone in the old church. Pee Wee led us in a fire and brimstone sermon and then we lifted the rafters with our rendition of Amazing Grace.
After the Cane Ridge House we tried the Blue Licks, Kentucky battlefield - one of the states last conflicts with Indians ... closed on Mondays. Then we split up - Pee Wee and Danny wanted to visit Cincinnati and Jimmy and I wanted to stay away from big cities and experience more of this region's back roads. And we're glad we did - we saw some beautiful Ohio countryside. We're spending the night in Lancaster, Ohio while those two are in Cincinnati. We plan to meet sometime tomorrow - possibly in Canton, OH at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
My buddy Dan Lukacs said we have to eat at a Big Boy Restaurant while in Ohio, so we complied. The Baymont Inn manager where we're staying suggested a milk shake for dessert - she said she loves them. So after our meal we surprised her with a chocolate shake and two good deed doers cards. Her face lit up - she's a very nice lady with a kind face and a great smile that got bigger and bigger. We asked her to use the second card to do a good deed of her own - I bet she does. Earlier we had given a very hot construction worker a water bottle - you can see Jimmy leaning out the window to hand it to him.
Danny called me from Cincinnati tonight with a good deed by Pee Wee. They were waiting outside a restaurant near some girls and of course Pee Wee struck up a conversation. The girl had started on her degree in education but is going through a down period in her life. Pee Wee spent over 30 minutes talking with her, counseling her and encouraging her, and now she actually has a better outlook.
So three good deeds today on a day that fell short of yesterday's experiences.
At least I can go to sleep with an off key performance of Amazing Grace ringing in my ears. Oh, and take a look at the town name we came across in rural southern Ohio - try not to hurt yourself when saying it.


Jeff Harsh said...

Is Jimmy looking at soybeans?

Cliff & Steve said...

You got it Jeff. Cliff

kathy said...

check out Tony Paco's Café in Toledo. A favorite of Klinger's from Mash.

Trev said...

I believe that we can win!!!

Bill Benton said...

Having a blast reading your blog! Gonna get one of your questions before you guys get home. Safe travels and God bless!