Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Trip #6 - Travels with Pee Wee and ...

We're leaving tomorrow morning, June 29 on our 6th random journey to parts unknown in our country. But this year it's not just Pee Wee and me. Our friend Adam Pitt has been dealing with brain cancer, and after he asked if he could come and then we included him, we thought it might be good to add others. So we invited Jimmy Chupp - a longtime football coach at GAC, Danny Sinnott - the new head wrestling coach at my old stomping grounds - Collins Hill, and Rich Schumacher - one of my former assistants who is now the head wrestling coach at Meadowcreek. All three were gung ho about coming, so we thought we would be going in two cars of three, but due to some last minute health issues, it will be two cars of two. Adam isn't able to come due to treatment he's undergoing, and Schu (Rich) is in the hospital recovering from complications related to diabetes. We'll miss those two and will continue to pray for their recoveries.

We plan to leave from Atlanta and head north in two cars. Danny will start with me and Jimmy will ride with Pee Wee. We will go our separate random ways and then rendezvous every two or three days, compare videos of places seen, people met, and good deeds carried out. Then we'll switch the people around so that Pee Wee's odors won't cause bad side effects. We haven't toured areas like Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and parts of Pennsylvannia, Indiana, and Illinois, so we might wander in those directions.

The trip is once again a fundraiser for a very worthy ministry in Lawrenceville that helps people in need with emergency food, medicine, and utility assistance. Anyone who would like to donate any dollar amount per good deed we carry out (we have a goal of three per day), please send a check to:

Lawrenceville Cooperative Ministry, Inc.
176 Church Street
Lawrenceville, GA 30046
Even if you can't donate, please follow our blog and post some comments. We like comments. Time for bed - day 1 of season #6 starts at 7:00 a.m.


Monica G said...

Have fun guys!

kathy said...

You need to update your profile to include Merritt