Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Go West Old Men

Coach and Pee Wee's Great Adventures, Round 4!

A week from tomorrow, we embark on our fourth journey touring our country. This year things will be a little different. Our plan is to fly in to Los Angeles, rent a car, and randomly wander around the western states until we fly home 10 days later on July 12th. Also different this year, reserving hotel rooms may be a little easier because I got me a finger-rubbin' phone! For those of you who don't know, a finger-rubbin' phone is a touch screen phone. The daily plan is still the same...meaning we have no plan. We will wake up each day and travel wherever the roads take us. We have covered 35 states in the last 3 summers and hope to add several more this summer.

We also still have the same goal of 3 good deeds per day. These good deeds can mean money for the Lawrenceville Co-op. The Lawrenceville Co-op is a great ministry which provides food for needy families as well as emergency utility funds. Last summer we carried out 17 good deeds, which raised $2,400 for the Co-op. The money helped feed the equivalent of 300 families for 1 week!

How to donate:

There are two ways you can donate throughout the trip.
1. Make a one-time donation: Visit the Lawrenceville Co-Op website to make a one-time gift on behalf of our trip.
2. Donate per good deed we complete: At the end of the trip we will tally up our good deeds. You can wait until then to donate $1, $5, $10, or any amount you wish per good deed.
*The link to the Lawrenceville Co-Op can be found in the right margin of the blog.

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