Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 1

Good evening all! Coach and PeeWee have asked me, Monica Gassman, to make their first entry for this year's trip. This morning they began their travels by flying into Los Angeles, CA. They are currently heading towards Death Valley on the first leg of their trip. Death Valley has no cell service or internet access...which is why I've been asked to update the blog for the first day.

Other than traveling, the day has been relatively uneventful. When I spoke with Coach and PeeWee, he did say they had completed 2 good deeds today.

Deed #1: Coach and PeeWee traveled by Marta to the airport this morning. While on Marta, the train began moving and a man lost hold of his luggage. The luggage began hurdling down the train car headed for a crash into the other end of the train. Luckily good ol' PeeWee was there to save the day...or at least the luggage. The Marta passanger was very grateful his luggage was not damaged.

Deed #2: On the plane ride over to Cali, Coach and PeeWee were talking up the passangers around them. One passanger in particular was talking about the rental car waiting for him when they landed. Unfortunately the rental car company where the car was turned out to be farther than antcipated. The gentleman would have to pay for a cab to get to his rental car because the shuttle did not go as far as he needed. Have no fear- Coach and PeeWee are here! They graciously offered to drive the man into Los Angeles to the rental car company to pick up his car. The man was very thankful and appreciative of their generosity.

Pink cameras and zebra-print suitcases
Coach also informed me that they gave out some "Good Deed Doers" cards today. Don't forget that you can participate in their trip by making a donation to the Lawrenceville Co-op on behalf of Coach and PeeWee.

On a side note, Coach wanted me to post 2 pictures. Coach is a little concerned with his partner in crime. Last year PeeWee brought along a pink (yes, pink!) camera to capture the priceless moments on the trip. This year PeeWee added to Coach's concern by bringing a zebra-print suitcase. Coach is very concerned!

What is it PeeWee- cactus or palm?

While driving to Death Valley, Coach and PeeWee stopped to take a few pictures of the beautiful scenery. Along the road they found an unusual plant. They are taking votes as to what the plant may be- cactus or palm. What is your vote?

Well, that looks like everything I was asked to post. Coach and PeeWee will be back to blogging tomorrow. Hopefully I have made them proud with this first entry. Enjoy! :-)


Jim Gassman said...

They leave a city of nearly 4 million people to an area populated by about 600...should be some interesting good deeds in Death Valley.

Coach Harsh said...

Sounds like a great start to the trip.

Anonymous said...

The plant is a Joshua tree. Pretty appropriate for two fearless travelers exploring new territory, right?