Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 11 - Flight day

Today was our last day and all travel. We left our hotel for LAX at 6:30, the plane was an hour and a half late, then a four hour flight, and now we're back home. We arrived around 9:00 Georgia time. We did finish off the good deeds with one at the airport in LA. We were sitting next to a couple and their two small girls while the flight kept getting pushed back. One of the girls was a real cute toddler - maybe a year and a half. As the time dragged on she became more and more upset. I remembered I have some tunes for toddlers on my finger rubbin' phone I play for my granddaughter, so I knelt down and started playing Sesame Street to try to calm her down. She smiled immediately as did her sister and her parents. There were even a few other people looking in on the action and enjoying themselves. When I played "I've Got Joy Joy Joy Down in My Heart," the little girl really started moving and clapping with the music. She even raised the roof once.

But our trip is finished and as usual we had a great time. Below is the list of good deeds we were able to do. Please consider helping the Lawrenceville Co-op out by donating any amount you would like to give per good deed. As you can see, our final total is 16. Click on the links on the side of the page to donate. Tell your friends too - it's a great cause!

1. Pee Wee catches suitcase on MARTA train.
2. Took plane passenger ten miles to his rental car place.
3. Helped hiker out at breakfast.
4. Drove two Israeli hikers 30 miles in Yosemite.
5. Gave food and drink to the hikers.
6. Watered plants at Best Western.
7. Milkshakes for hotel manager brothers (thanks guys for the comment on Day 5!)
8. Pruned plants at drive-through Redwood.
9. Helped grocery store employee round up numerous shopping carts in parking lot.
10. Helped lady with cab fare to San Francisco.
11. Helped a family needing a place to eat at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.
12. Gave fruit and drink to homesick highway worker.
13. Handed off a cold bottle of water to biker on Pacific Coast Highway.
14. Pee Wee cooks breakfast for little girl.
15. Helped Hollywood tour bus salesman make a sale.
16. Calmed little girl in airport with Sesame Street and Joy Joy Joy.


Aunt Kathy said...

Enjoyed your trip notes. Made my donation. Can't wait to hear more about the trip.

Taylor Ramos said...

Darby is VERY jealous. You got some 'splanin to do. Glad you are home.

Trev said...

Welcome home Pop and Pee Wee.