Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Travels with Pee Wee, Trip # 5

Today is July 2 and one week from today we will head out on our 5th journey. As always, we don't have a plan or specific targets on the map, but we do know where we will be starting; Denver. We'll be taking a flight from Atlanta the evening of July 9 and will arrive fairly late in Denver. Then the next morning we will probably flip a coin for one of three directions; west, northwest, or north. And then we will wander around parts of our country for ten days, but we will end up in Denver so we can fly back home. We've seen 35 states and have had some great experiences in the previous four trips, and we can't wait to see what this year's voyage brings.
    As always, we're going to spice of the trip by trying to carry out three good deeds each day, but there is one difference this year. In the past we have accepted pledges of any dollar amount to raise money for the Lawrenceville Co-Op, but this year, we are not going to do an organized fundraiser. However, anyone wanting to make a donation to the Co-Op, please contact me and I will tell you how to make a donation to this wonderful charity that feeds thousands of people each year.
   Thanks for reading our blog, we hope to read some comments, and we are open for suggestions of places to visit.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to some great moments gentlemen! Can't wait to hear what sort of trouble you get yourselves into.

Jeff Harsh

kathy said...

Have a great trip guys! Hope you have good weather.