Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday, July 16 - Day 8

   Running this morning around the falls of Idaho Falls was really great - the only thing unusual was my shoes. When I got back Pee Wee informed me that I had mistakenly put on his shoes and did  my running in those (I'm wearing shoes a couple sizes too big to help with some gross looking bunions I have these days). Any exercise has felt great - the humidity has been almost non-existent all of our trip and basically no rain - sorry Georgia people.
    Our first stop was at Pocatello, Idaho to see the "Museum of Clean." A pretty famous guy named Don Haslett who made millions with cleaning companies poured some of those millions into the museum. Pee Wee and I agreed that no one else in our families or almost anyone we know would have wanted to make this stop. But we did and we're glad we did. Don took a liking to us for some reason and gave us his own personal tour. He has around 300 vacuums from the past 140 years along with brooms, soaps, etc. Lots of hands on things for kids too - he told us a couple of times we were the only adults to try some of the kid's exhibits. Don't worry mom, we didn't push any kids out of the way. That's an ancient plunger Pee Wee is holding.
    The next stop was Salt Lake City - we went to the Mormon's Temple square which was beautiful and really interesting. We even kind of stumbled into the Tabernacle where the famous choir performs - the place is amazing. We heard a girl do a demonstration from the front - we were 50 yards away in the back and could hear her tear paper as if we were standing right next to her. We realized if we could hear that then she could hear us just as easily so we shut up. The huge statue of Jesus is in one of the welcome centers where there are seats to just sit, look, and reflect. There are no written words in the room - none are needed.
    Then we went to look at the Great Salt Lake, and that will be it for me and the Great Salt Lake. It's dead, it's full of salt, it stinks, and nobody is really interested in it. I've known a couple of people like that. But at least we can now say we've seen it.
    We're staying in Price, Utah - back in deserty areas. We may be looking at some great deserty kinds of things tomorrow and will be meandering back toward Denver for our Friday morning flight back home. This trip as usual has been great, but home sounds great too.
    No good deeds today, but we've had some good days lately. We'll try harder tomorrow.


Taylor Ramos said...

I find it kind of ironic that 2 guys who haven't changed clothes in over a week are visiting the Museum of Clean.

Jim Gassman said...

The clean museum looks like its in his basement. As Taylor said, did he offer any supplies to aid you on your departure?

Laura Valentine said...

Funny how this is a reoccurring topic, but seriously how did they not turn you two away at the door?

kathy said...

Are they really the same shirts every day or did you bring multiple shirts with the same logos (I hope)?

What is the last picture - looks pretty fuzzy.