Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 4, July 12
   I  started the day off with a good deed. I was standing in front of a huge Wells Fargo in Jackson waiting for Pee Wee to pick me up when I saw a nicely dressed woman about 75 feet away struggling with a bouquet of flowers and packages while she was trying to get out of her car. I made my way over to her, asked to help, and carried some of her things into the bank where there was to be a meeting of some kind. Not a major good deed but it counts.
    Then we traded our rental car in this morning at the Jackson Hole, Wyoming airport for another one with 4 good tires. Then up to the Grand Teton National Park and wildlife and views and shock and awe. Bison right up to our car until Pee Wee started making MOO sounds.
   Then a few hours at Yellowstone National Park - we're thinking about going back tomorrow. We're staying near Cody, Wyoming and might make it back to see Yogi and Boo Boo. Speaking of Yogi, you can see the picture of a Grizzly Bear below. We were walking along when out of nowhere it charged Pee Wee. I ran over to the monster bear, jumped on its back and put on a choke hold until it ran away.
  OK the truth ... it was about to cross a road and we positioned ourselves with many other tourists and got some good photos before it disappeared into the forest. It was pretty scary to see a Grizzly up close and not in a zoo.
   Then farther into Yellowstone and Old Faithful. There are actually hundreds of geysers and hot springs all over the place, Old Faithful is just the most famous and we're glad we can now check it off the list of places to see.
   The place where we're staying really does resemble the Bates Motel - I'm not kidding. Old scary house on the hill next to it included. Very eccentric and impolite manager. Only about twenty rooms all with doors to the outside. I locked the door real tight when I got a shower. The Grizzly doesn't seem as scary anymore ...


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Laura Valentine said...

I read about the Castle Geyser. Pretty cool!