Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Day 5, July 13
   Before we left the Bates Hotel in Wapiti, Wyoming I was able to do a decent good deed. This one star hotel only has a portable concession stand for breakfast - it was being run by a young Asian lady. The hotel manager - Norman Bates - was extremely mean and demeaning to her, other guests noticed it too. The poor girl's self esteem was noticeably low, but maybe it improved a little after we left. On the way out we handed her an envelope with a note saying how good a job she's doing, how great a smile she has, and how hard a worker she is. She should have also found a $5 bill and a good deed doers card.
   Then we returned to Yellowstone. More geysers, more sulfur smelling hot springs, more wildlife, and more unbelievable views. The picture with the waterfall in the background is at the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. The picture of the buffalo is when it heard our window go down from a distance of five or six feet away - it looked at Pee Wee right in the eye.
   We then spent the afternoon and evening in Cody, Wyoming. The Buffalo Bill museum was outstanding, and then we enjoyed the evening gun fights in downtown Cody. They use blanks in their guns in the nightly drama and also preach to the children about what to do if they see a gun in the house - they made the kids recite louder and louder: "Leave it alone!!" Pee Wee did the best job of any kid there, in fact he kept it up during the show. His booming "LEAVE IT ALONE!!" brought quite a bit of laughter to those around us.
   We finished off the day with dinner and a country singing show. The singing was great and the dinner prompted a new experience in the lives of Pee Wee and I. We ate at Irma's - named for Buffalo Bill's daughter, and Irma makes Rocky Mountain Oysters. If you don't know what these are, ask somebody - I don't want to explain. We quietly ordered them but later the waitress thought it would be cool to announce, "HERE ARE YOUR MOUNTAIN OYSTERS!!! Heads turned around, chuckling could be heard, and many eyes were on us as we made our first ever bites into this "delicacy." I actually kind of like them - where can you get them in Georgia?
    Pee Wee performed a small good deed at the museum. He passed an elderly woman sitting on a bench when he was on the way to the entrance. She was holding trash in her hand - he walked past her, made it inside, shook his head, went back to her and took her trash from her and threw it away. Sometimes doing good deeds can be so simple. She read the good deed doers card which led to some good conversation. Then tonight, after the country singing in the small theater in downtown Cody, I saw a woman who was trying to get in her wheelchair. Her companion was at the front of the theater and she was at the back. I safely got her in the wheelchair and waited for her companion to take over. So three good deeds today. Not a bad day.
    We're staying at another one star hotel - our car is backed up to our door. We plan to make a pretty quick getaway tomorrow and leave this beautiful state - maybe crossing over to Montana.


Jim Gassman said...

Only $5...come on...that'd barely buy her one of the snacks she selling. You guys work at GAC, you guys are big money now!

Trev said...

Have you seen any Broke Back Mountains yet?

Taylor Ramos said...

So Mountain Oysters are a "finger food"? Interesting. I would have figured that part of the anatomy would be more of a "delicacy".

Laura Valentine said...

So I didn't know what Rocky Mountain Oysters were so I had to ask Tommy. All I can say is, REALLY Dad? Lol