Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 11 and Final Tally

We were close to Georgia this morning, so we had just one stop, and that one was simply to have some fun. When Taylor and Trevor were younger I used to take them to Sliding Rock near Brevard, NC. I did the same with some of my Collins Hill teams. If you haven't been there, it's a natural rock slide of about 30 yards that plunges into some of the coldest water in the south. We took two turns a piece and headed for home. I think the cold water washed some of the stink off of us that had been building up from 11 days of car riding.

We did three small deeds while at the rock slide and I think we'll count that as one full good deed. While going up the rocks and waiting my turn, there was a boy of 5 or 6 who was scared to death of the water slide. The kids he was with were trying to calm him down but they didn't care that much because they were going to make him go anyway. I did my best to make him laugh - I didn't succeed in that but by the time he got to the top at least he was settled enough to join the others with only a few tears. And of course he loved the ride. Then Pee Wee actually picked up two different boys and carried them across a very slippery area where they could get in line. I don't know where the parents were, but Pee Wee did quite well in their place.

We had a great time on our journey, learned a lot, and had a lot of fun with the good deeds. It should also be noted that 5 of my friends did their own acts of kindness back home while we were travelling around. Good job Jeff, Kirk, Jim, Philip, and now today my good friend Knox Porter organized donations for gift cards for one of his ESL students who was recently divorced and also just had a baby.
If you were planning on donating a dollar amount per good deed, our total was 17, and they are listed below. Thanks for following us, supporting the Co-Op, and please spread the word to others who might want to donate.
1. Window cleaning at Andy Griffith Museum in Mt. Airy, NC.
2. Cleaning the outside area of a restaurant without the busy servers knowing near Roanoke.
3. Pee Wee cleans up mess on ground at entrance to hotel.
4. Giving a drink to road worker on VA Skyline Drive.
5. Feeding and thanking Lt. Colonel Mark Laney for his service.
6. Emptying all of the trash cans at the Mennonite Information Center in Lancaster, PA.
7. Peach Pie for bored hotel manager in Lancaster.
8. Landscape and weed maintenance at the Vermont Welcome Center.
9. Keeping area safe on highway shoulder for flat tire changing in Vermont.
10. Carrying ice bags to a car for a woman at Dunkin Donuts in Maine.
11. Helping a woman at a laundromat by carrying some of her clothes to her minivan in Maine.
12. Paying the toll for the car behind us at a toll booth in New Hampshire.
13. Preventing a student from losing all of his or her papers outside a cafe in Salem, Mass.
14. Keeping a woman calm until police arrived after her car caught on fire in Massachusetts.
15. Giving a care package to two hikers on the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut.
16. Buying a meal at a drive-through for the car in front of us to honor a 911 victim in VA.
17. Three small deeds at Sliding Rock in N.C. equals one good deed.


Jim Gassman said...

Great job guys. Was fun waking up each morning and reading about the journey the day before. I think your last test should be a body fat assessment of you two after eating out each day.
Ideas for trip for next year...
- travel thru California
- travel thru Canada
- travel thru Mexico

Aunt Kathy said...

I had a fun trip traveling through your eyes....thanks!

Anonymous said...

Big thumbs up to you two. Now gotta do make our donation times 17!