Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 5

Oneonta is a college town and I had a difficult time getting to sleep. Not because of anything going on outside the room, but because of the scenes of past experiences running through my mind of what some college kids had done in this room, and more specifically on my bed. But I lived through it and then we had a great experience at the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame. We saw the Field of Dreams last summer and now this - a lot of baseball I know but both places tend to bring a lot of smiles. I thought it was amusing to see so many men excited about reading the vast number of exhibits while so many women found places to sit and text. We also saw Pete Rose - he was signing autographs in the back of a baseball memorabilia store for $60 per pop. Pictures were $75, but we snuck a couple for free.

Then we took a fairly scenic drive to Saratoga Springs where we spent an hour at the Saratoga National Battlefield. This trip is good for faltering memories like mine - I had forgotten that Saratoga was such an important battle and victory for our country.
Then we drove just a few miles to the harness racing track at Saratoga Springs. We were excited about winning big bucks, but when we got there we learned that they only race during the week on Wednesdays and Fridays. I guess God wants us to keep our trip on the straight and narrow. But any money we would have won we would have donated ... I can almost hear some of the "yea rights." Since we couldn't do the harness racing we decided to win big at the electric slot machines. After I lost a dollar I realized how stupid we were to hang around. It took Pee Wee two dollars.
After proving our high roller status we drove east through some real nice scenery in New York and especially western Vermont until we reached a Red Roof Inn in Rutland, Vermont. It's a new Red Roof - a welcome room after the experiences of the last two nights.

Only one good deed today. We stopped at the Vermont Welcome Center around 6:00 p.m. - neither one of us had been in Vermont before. The place was closed and we noticed that a couple of the decorative four foot wooden human figures were laying on the ground. We picked them up and stuck them real deep in the ground. Then we noticed the numerous weeds creeping over the sidewalk near the entrance to the building, so we did some lawn maintenance for a few minutes to spruce the place up. Nobody was there to leave a card with, but we know what happened so we're counting it. We did have another minor deed, if anyone thinks it should count, let us know. When we were eating tonight at "99" - a restaurant by the hotel, we saw a mess on the floor by the kitchen door that included something that looked like a real large decaying pickle, or something even worse. We cleaned up the area ourselves - all of the servers were very busy and it was not very pleasant to look at. Let us know what you think.
We feel really far away tonight - and on our own. We miss everybody but it's still a great trip. Tomorrow we may go to a couple of cool places in Vermont that we've heard about. Thanks for the support and good night!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun guys. I really would have liked to have been at the Hershey Factory with you. How much farther before you head back south?

Jim Gassman said...

How can we see more pictures?

Teresa said...

The 'pickle' deed should count! ............. I hope it is cooler in Vermont than it is here!! :-)