Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 6

We were outdone back home again in the good deed department. We did a pretty good one today, but Kirk K. back in Gwinnett one upped us. He saw a stranded grandmother and daughter on the side of the road, picked them up and took them where they needed to go. He even did another one - he told me that this trip we're on influenced his decision in helping them. That made us feel good, so he doubled his good deed by saying that. Ours was on a highway somewhere in Vermont. We pulled over on a narrow shoulder when we saw a car with a flat tire. There were three women and a man - he was busy changing the tire. He had things well in hand, but we stuck around and waved cars around and tried to keep the area safe for them.

The theme last summer seemed to center around corn. This year it seems to be sugar. Shoe fly pie, then Hershey chocolates, then today's stops. First we went to the New England Maple Syrup Museum. We saw how REAL syrup is made and at the end of the tour we were able to taste the various kinds. We over did it a little. Two hours later we were at Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory for another tour and more free samples. We over did it again and I don't feel so great tonight. Ironbelly Pee Wee is OK though. In between the two tours we stopped at Wilson's Castle in Proctor, Vermont for a no calorie tour. The place is worth $50 million on today's market after being built in the late 1800s. It was lived in up to a few decades ago - 32 rooms, 84 stain glass windows, and 13 fireplaces. You can see a picture of me with a boar's head in one of the rooms.

After saying bye to Ben and Jerry we took off for the east. We went through some of the Green Mountains and then the White Mountains in New Hampshire. We drove next to Mount Washington - the highest peak in the northeast. Then we tore through western Maine and are staying in Newport near Bangor. The past 3 states are new ones for us - neither one of us had ever been to Vermont, New H., or Maine. We had to stay in another roadside motel tonight - Lovely's Inn. It's not as bad on the inside as the Oneonta hotel, but the outside is what worries me. I think this place houses a lot of laborers from out of town and as the night goes on the outside volume is rising as well. It's a one story hotel and is one of those with a couple of lawn chairs outside each door. We're staying inside for now - I'm afraid Pee Wee might break out the pink camera and I don't think that would be a good idea at a place called Lovely's. Speaking of Pee Wee, he keeps losing bets to me. We were driving along a real nice looking river in western Maine and he bet me that he could throw a rock all the way across to the other bank. Brakes were abruptly applied and we jumped out to see what he could do while cars drove by with passengers giving us some crazy looks. Pee Wee's attempt made it about a fifth of the way across. His payment is to sit outside on one of the folding chairs shirtless with black socks on.

That's it for today - we hope to see some great sites in Maine tomorrow and then make the turn for home. We also hope to increase the number of good deeds. I think our count is nine so we are on pace for 15, but we still need to do better. Good night!

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Jeff Harsh said...

Good stuff guys. Hope you continue to find good deeds to do and interesting places to visit. I hope Pee Wee made it back in tonight after paying his debt to you safely. Pretty risky in my opinion.