Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 8

Today was a good day but a long day. We pulled in real late to our hotel in Poughkeepsie, NY after a 4 good deed day. The last one was why we are so late but it was worth it. The first one was minor and not original, but it was a deed and it was good, and that sounds like a good deed. When we pulled up to a toll booth in New Hampshire we gave the toll booth lady our dollar and gave her another one for the car behind us. When the car and three passengers passed us a few miles later there were waves and smiles all around. Then in Salem, Mass. we were walking to our car after trying to solve some of the witch trials of the 1690s. We saw a table outside a tiny cafe with a stack of papers probably belonging to a college student. There was a drink on the table and it appeared that someone had stepped inside the cafe for a minute. A few small gusts of wind had begun to scatter the papers. Pee Wee gathered and straightened up the papers and weighted them down so any future wind would not affect them. The student will never know that someone helped he or she out, but that's OK. those kind of deeds are almost more fun anyway. Then a few minutes later we were on an interstate for a little while somewhere in Massachusetts and traffic came to a screeching halt because a car was on fire. We arrived right after a good Samaritan had put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. After parking on the shoulder we rushed back to the car. We saw oil coming from underneath the car and determined that it was safe to turn off the ignition. The driver was a twenty something girl and was very upset. We stayed with her until she calmed down and the police had arrived. Then we drove to Salisbury - a tiny town in the northwest corner of Connecticut. Pee Wee's nephew Eric is hiking the Appalachian Trail along with Ruffles who he met earlier on the trail. We met them near Salisbury where the trail crosses a road. We gave them a care package of food, drinks, and a few other items they could use on the trail. They have gone over 1000 miles and look great, and have been added to my prayers.
As far as places we visited today, we stopped in Freeport, Maine to see the Maine Desert. Believe it or not there really is an area of desert in Maine. Then we made the trip to Salem near Boston to see what was up with all of the witches. We attended a cool interactive theater production of a witch trial. All of the 80 spectators were the jury part of the trial and by a close margin we found the lady guilty. When we voted with a show of hands Pee Wee and I were the most adamant about our opinions. When the verdict was read, Pee Wee said some things to the guilty woman who then sent some curses and hexes his way. He mouthed "witch" at her over and over while she was putting curses on him. It was the best part of the play.

Back home in Gwinnett, another good deed has been done by one of my buddies. Philip Milam was at our church camp meeting on Friday night and helped an elderly couple who was having a hard time getting to their car in the dark. He used his cell phone to light their way, then helped the woman in the car, put on her seat belt, etc. Way to go Philip!
Four good deeds today ... now it's time to do a good deed for our bodies and get some rest.

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Aunt Kathy said...

You might have started a "Pay it Forward" with your toll booth dollar....good one.