Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Monday, July 10, 2017

2017 Day 7

We began with the Pima Air Museum near Tucson. When you travel with Barry Gillespie you cannot call it a complete trip without a stop at some kind of a WWII museum or Air Force Museum. The guy always amazes me with his knowledge of all things WWII. He amazed me, Pee Wee, and even some of the tour guides. For me though, the highlight was standing next to a P-39, which is the plane my father flew as a fighter pilot in WWII.

Next we drove to Apache Junction where we hit a dud. It usually happens once per trip and the Goldfield Mining Company near Apache Junctions was this year's low point. We were a little late for the $7 tour of the mine, but not late enough. And enough said.

Then we took a 20 mile drive up the Apache Trail and then back down. The scenery was great and there was even an element of danger when the paved road became dirt and then narrowed to one lane at about 6000 feet of elevation.

Barry and Pee Wee were nice enough to allow me to finish the day in Scottsdale with my good friends Buddy and Mary Ramos. Buddy and Mary were teachers with Kathy and me in Butler, MO in the late 1970s. We share the same last name but we aren't related, although it certainly seemed that way at times. We've only seen each other once over the past 40 years so it was great to see them and catch up.

We're staying in Anthem, Arizona and will probably take the advice of many people for tomorrow's adventures. Two more days ... as usual this trip has been a blast, but the visit with Buddy and Mary made me think of loved ones and home, and it's good to know that will happen soon enough.


Taylor Ramos said...

Glad you were able to see Buddy and Mary. I would love to hear Barry's knowledge of WWII

Mary Gillespie said...

Enjoy your last 2 days!! It will be nice to have y'all back home :)