Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Saturday, July 8, 2017

2017 Day 5

We began the day with a short trip to Winslow, Arizona. It was such a fine sight to see while we stood on a corner next to a flatbed Ford. There was a girl my Lord, but Kathy I told her I was taken.

Ten feet from that famous corner we helped out a Native American for good deed #1 of the day. She and her two children were attempting to set up her jewelry tables for the day. The task went much quicker when Spotted Dust, Looks At Clouds, and Two Dogs took over.

From Winslow we went south into a national forest and ended up at the Tonto National Monument. It seems that the Lone Ranger felt it necessary to honor his traveling companion with some national recognition. Thus the Tonto National Monument. (This is actually far from the truth, the area is preserved by the federal government due to the Tonto Apache cliff dwellings in the area, which were very cool to see). And Looks At Clouds and Spotted Dust - forget about any national recognition.

We kept heading south and traveled through some amazing countryside with a plethora of gigantic cactus plants, known as saguaro. These beautiful plants are found almost entirely in Arizona, and old westerns. Upon returning to our rental Corolla and heading south again, we noticed the reading on the car thermometer - 114. And we weren't done as you can see from the photo below.

We tend to look for "largest ball of twine" stops, and found one in Superior, Arizona. We stopped at the "World's Smallest Museum" there - but it was closed. It didn't really matter because if it had been open the tour would have lasted at the most 5 minutes. We noticed almost everything else in the tiny town of Superior was closed down, most for good, so we have renamed the town "Inferior." At least it has a better name than the ranch we saw below which must be owned by an angry rancher.

We ended our day's touring with a visit to Casa Grande National Monument between Phoenix and Tucson. This famous "Big House" is basically an adobe mansion built approximately 700 years ago and miraculously is still fairly intact. The heat was intense whether it's a dry heat or not, so we sped up and finished our Casa Grande Tour. We're finishing the day in a Best Western near Tucson. We're getting closer and closer to Mexico and we may get even closer. Pee Wee ended the day with a second good deed when he helped a food server with the popcorn machine during happy hour at our hotel. She was struggling with a bunch of burned kernels but Looks At Clouds saved the day.


Jim Gassman said...

I need to get there someday just to experience that heat.

Taylor Ramos said...

Kudos for somehow inserting the word "plethora" in the blog