Carlsbad, NM

Carlsbad, NM

Thursday, July 13, 2017

2017 Last Day - July 13

It's early Thursday morning and we just arrived back in Atlanta after a night time flight. We spent 4 or five hours in Las Vegas in the afternoon yesterday while waiting to go to the airport. This was new for us, and it became old very fast. We realize many people love the city and its hotels and casinos, but for Two Dogs, Spotted Dust, and Looks At Clouds, we prefer the reservation.

So that's it for the 9th summer of random travels. The scenery was spectacular, but, as is often the case on these trips, the people are the ones who we remember the most. Like our Navajo friends Anna and Lynn. And helpful rangers and tour guides. Booger Bob and Kasey in Tombstone. My old friends Buddy and Mary. Kathy our food server in Tuscon. And Sunshine - our savior on Sedona's trails.

We were able to do 12 good deeds - so if anyone would like to help out the Lawrenceville Co-Op by donating any amount you want per good deed, then please click on the Lawrenceville Co-Op link to the right of this page. And if you purchase my book on Amazon the proceeds also go to the Co-Op.
Thank you, or as the Navajos say ... Ahehee'!

Link to "Backroads, No Plan, Good Deeds, and Pee Wee":

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Taylor Ramos said...

I literally stay up at night wondering how Booger Bob got his name